Original Underhill Watercolour

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Original framed watercolour landscape painting by John Laven.

  • Dimensions Framed: 435mm x 535mm


John is a landscape painter. He sees his work in the tradition of European painting stretching back to the late 18th century romantics. His focus is the force of nature imbued with anthropomorphic qualities of struggle and tension that exist at the frontiers and margins of a place.

This is a place that exists both in real lived experience and in the imagination. The paintings deal with moods and atmosphere as much as the recording of physical reality expressed through formal elements such as composition, rhythm, balance, colour and mark making.

He believes that these are themes that have an urgent contemporary relevance as the dynamics that exist between people and the natural world shift and re-align. There is a deliberate absence of any references to, or traces of, humankind past or present and so we are only there as a third person, a witness. This leaves open the question of where we might fit into this.