Ceramic Soap Dish

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This charming, handmade and handpainted soap dish will make a lovely addition to any bathroom, kitchen or laundry room. Its fresh blue and white design has both a coastal and rustic appeal. Holes allow water to drain away, keeping your soap dry and clean and 4 little feet keep the dish raised above any wet surfaces.

Each soap dish is handcrafted and individual and there may be slight variations in shape and dimensions. These dishes are designed to be small enough to sit on the side of a basin whilst comfortably holding a standard sized bar of soap. They measure appropriately 11.5cm length by 9.5-10.5cm width.

Materials: terracotta, clay, pottery, ceramic, tin white glaze, cobalt blue

Shoreline Ceramics is a Ramsgate-based pottery brand that specialises in delightful blue and white glazed earthenware pottery.