Meet Jamie - highly-skilled woodworker and founder of Jamie Gaunt Designs - a local brand that makes a unique range of small-batch homewares from British hardwoods.  

Jamie’s maker story began in Melbourne when he moved there after marrying his Australian wife.  He was working for the charity Mind and started making furniture to save money and to furnish their new home. 

It didn’t take long to realise that he was happier carving wood than spending time in endless business  meetings, so he set up a furniture company before turning to what he does now.

Jamie free-carves his designs from a single piece of wood to form beautiful and practical items that range from oak chopping boards, beech vases, scorched ash bowls to hand-carved utensils. 

He’s been kind enough to lend us (he get’s it back if we don’t sell it) - his favourite piece of wood - a hand-carved sweet chestnut bowl that he worked on in his studio for over a year between other pieces. It truly is a work of art. DM us if you’d like us to send a photo so you can marvel at the craftsmanship.

See more of Jamie's collection HERE