Workshop: ‘Open up to Your Intuition’ with Fiona Gauntlett

A 2 hour workshop to increase your energy and ignite your Intuition.


£45.00 per person



About this experience

Workshop: ‘Open up to Your Intuition’
Date: Sunday 26th September 5.30pm - 7.30pm
Level: 18+

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you were not only able to hear your Intuition loud and clear, but also trust it to make important life decisions & make better choices. And as a result watch your life turn around and change in ways you only ever dreamed of?…

“Trust your gut” or “go with your gut” is a phase we hear all the time.

Opening up to your Intuition is enhancing this very act, tapping into your own internal guidance, allowing you to navigate your path in a beautifully supportive way.

In this 2 hour workshop I will show you just how incredible our inner knowing & Intuition is.

We will look at ways that you can start trusting & listening to your own unique internal navigation system.

We will practice some fantastic simple energy tips that will allow you to ‘know’ the difference between the voice in your head and your ego talking & your deep, powerful resource that is your Intuition.

This workshop is for you if:

*You’re curious, and although you don’t do much with your Intuition, you’d love to know more.
*You already work with your Intuition and trust it a fair bit, but are ready to take the next step.
*You’ve always wondered how you can integrate your Intuition with your business, your life as it is now, and would like to take it to the next level!

I’m looking forward to bringing this workshop to you and really excited to see how you too can open up the magic inside you.

Your Host

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Hi! I’m Fiona Gauntlett, The Intuition and Clarity Coach: Claireaudient, clairvoyant, conscious parenting educator and Mum of two. I work with busy, deep thinking, creative people ready to create greater levels of joy, fulfilment, calm and abundance, by connecting more deeply to their inner knowing ~ their intuition.

I have always been deeply spiritual and very WooWoo, always just ‘knowing things! This has been fine tuned as I grew up. I channel messages of wisdom from my Angels and guides & yours to guide you to awakening the truest and most glorious expression of yourself.