White Hot Chocolate Stirrer

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White Hot Chocolate that Changes Colour

Molinillo is a family-run, local chocolate brand. A ‘Molinillo’ is an elaborately carved wooden hot chocolate whisk that dates from Mexico in the early 1700s. These chocolate stirrers can be used to make a creamy hot chocolate drink that is perfect for a chilly, wintery evening.  

This magical frosted hot chocolate stirrer is inspired by the film Frozen. As the white chocolate dissolves it will magically change the colour of the hot milk to ice blue. Made from 50g of Callebaut Belgian White Chocolate this chocolate stirrer will create a luxurious blue hot chocolate drink. Additional ingredients: Edible glitter and blue food colouring.


Callebaut Belgian White Chocolate (28% Cocoa Solids), Sugar, Glazing Agent: E904, Colours: E171, E132