What Does My Cat Think of Me with Kim Horsford

Insights from a top cat behaviourist


£4.00 per person



About this experience

Class: What Does My Cat Think of Me
Dates: 25th October (2-3pm)
For audiences aged 16 years+

You do everything to make your cat happy.
You provide the finest food, the latest toys, you open and close doors for them on demand.
You offer as many fluffy sleeping places as you have space for.
No expense is spared when it comes to medical care.
You sit or sleep in painfully uncomfortable positions so as not to disturb there 16+ hours of rest.
You try to look grateful for the dead and decomposed gifts.
You even clean their toilet for them.

Their inscrutable expressions makes it hard for us to know what they might be thinking.
Are we doing what they want?
Are they happy?
Why do they do such annoying things?
Why are they so unpredictable?
Do they love me?

Bring along your questions about your cats and we will explore this mysterious species together.

Your Host

Kim Horsford. Kim has worked with cats for over 40 years, has an animal behaviour qualification and is currently a consultant to International Cat Care.