Scarred Oak Bottle Vase

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Scarred Oak Bottle Vase

Sometimes you get very lucky with a piece of wood and as a sculptor, it's about trying to emphasise the main feature of the piece. Clearly, this vase has a striking scar running across and down the face and surrounding it is a pattern of grain with loops, waves and swirls that look a lot like walnut.

  • Created March '21 - May 21'
  • Dimensions: Height - 15.5 inches. 5 inches wide

Jamie Gaunt is a highly-skilled woodworker who makes a unique range of small-batch homewares from British hardwoods.  He free-carves his designs from a single piece of wood to form beautiful and practical items that range from oak chopping boards, beech vases, scorched ash bowls to hand-carved utensils.  Jamie is based in Sevenoaks in Kent.