Workshop: ‘LIVING IN FLOW’ ~ with Fiona Gauntlett.

A 2 hour workshop to release blockages, increase energy and ignite your Intuition.


£45.00 per person



About this experience

Class: 'Living in Flow'
Dates: 14th September: Session 1 (10.30am-12.30pm)
Level: Age 16+

In this workshop we will look at some of the practices and tools I use that will help move you from stuck, overwhelmed, anxious and tired - to a place of calm, inner confidence and joy.

We will cover a number of areas:
* Creating space between your thoughts and your emotions, so that you can respond to a situation rather than react.
* Dropping from your head into your body, allowing you to feel your feelings, rather than think your feelings. Learning to trust YOU and your inner knowing… and so much more!

This workshop will be a combination of strategy, tips, energy work & woo!

By the end of the workshop you’ll confidently know how to connect with YOU; aware of the infinite power and resources that already lie within you… waiting to be released!

Know how to live in each moment, confident to make better life choices and know: You are all you need & who you’ve been waiting for!

I so hope you can join me.

Your Host

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Hi! I’m Fiona Gauntlett, The Intuition and Clarity Coach: Claireaudient, clairvoyant, conscious parenting educator and Mum of two. I work with busy, deep thinking, creative people ready to create greater levels of joy, fulfilment, calm and abundance, by connecting more deeply to their inner knowing ~ their intuition.

I have always been deeply spiritual and very WooWoo, always just ‘knowing things! This has been fine tuned as I grew up. I channel messages of wisdom from my Angels and guides & yours to guide you to awakening the truest and most glorious expression of yourself.