Hack Pack

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Hack Packs are freestyle craft kits which means that you get to make whatever you want. 😊

They’re a super fun and creative way to make loads of beautiful decorations for your home, as well as being a really relaxing and mindful activity. Each pack contains 12 pre-cut sheets (in assorted colours) which you can decorate, cut and stick together. The possibilities are literally endless so let your imagination run wild!

The packs are made using leftover paper from the printing industry so each pack will be different and will contain a random selection of papers.

And the best thing is that for every pack you buy, Artstar donates one to a kid’s art club. So get creative and most importantly…have fun! 


Art Star is a creative brand founded by Jo Hill, a graphic designer passionate about pattern, colour and craft. She launched the company to create a range of sustainable paper decorations and eco-friendly paper craft kits that would encourage both adults and kids to enjoy the mindfulness benefits of creativity and be a super easy and fun way to decorate a home.

Art Star products are 100% recyclable, and they give 10% of all profits to UK foodbanks.