Chemigram Printing Friday Evening February 9th 2024


£25.00 per person



About this experience

What is a chemigram?

To create a chemigram, everyday chemicals and substances are creatively coated onto photosensitive paper under daylight or incandescent lighting. The chemicals & substances applied to the paper will begin to react with the paper & act as a resist when dipped in the darkroom chemicals. The paper is then dipped into the developer and fixative in any order to create a variety of results. The developer will encourage areas to turn black, while the fixative will encourage a lighter colour palette.

The final outcomes will vary from psychedelic forms to cubist and abstract shapes.

£25pp including Prosecco.

Level of experience:

No previous experience is required

What can I bring to the event?

Everything is provided for this workshop.

What do I take home?

  • Prints you've created

  • Information sheet

Your Host

This workshop is being delivered by Emily Parris, an artist and arts educator from Kent. Emily runs a small black and white darkroom in Herne Bay called The Darkroom at Beach Creative. Emily delivers a wide variety of analogue and digital photography workshops in her darkroom and offsite within schools, universities and within the community. Emily is passionate about sharing the magic and wonders of photography and aims to create a calm yet thrilling environment.