BBQ Lovers Hamper Box

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A hand chosen selection of Carrington's finest BBQ sauce, spices and marinades ideal for any serious chilli lover or spicy cook!

Spice up your meal times with our deliciously versatile, full of flavour chilli sauces, rubs, cooking oils and pastes. Used for either on the BBQ, Grill, cooking, marinading or as a spicy condiment. This fiery gift set will get those taste buds tingling!

The Hot chilli gift set contains:

Hot Hop BBQ Chup 🌶🌶: warning, this sauce is addictive! A Hot Chilli and hop infused BBQ sauce combined with spices and scotch bonnet chilli. It is sweet to taste with a distinctive Hoppy after taste and a lovely balanced chilli heat. 250ml

Shut Up Rub🌶🌶🌶: A fiery naga chilli BBQ veg or meat rub combined with Moroccan spices. 50g

Flaming Chup 🌶🌶🌶: An extremely Hot Chilli Harissa cooking paste. 106ml

Hot Chilli Hodgepodge🌶🌶🌶: An extremely Hot Chilli infused oil with a hint of garlic and a lingering heat. 106ml

These products are 100% free from artificial flavours or any nasties whatsoever. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

A bit about Carrington Foods..

Based in Faversham, Kent, Carrington Foods produce high-quality sauces and preserves since 2007, using only the finest ingredients. It was launched by Dominic, a former chef who found it difficult finding the right sauces to accompany the food he was serving at festivals, markets and private events. 

Their sauces are all made in small batches and they don’t use any chemical preservatives or emulsifiers.  Carrington’s is now an established and beloved food brand with a cult-like following across Kent and beyond.