Author Event: ‘Publish or Self Publish?’

Panel discussion with Q&A


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Author Event: ‘Publish or Self Publish?’

Date: Saturday 27th November , 10-11am. 

That is the question that three Canterbury local authors will discuss, and at the same time offer insights for anyone thinking of taking the plunge or simply curious about the business of getting your book out there. Mark Stay, Raoul Morris, and GC Fisher, will spend a happy hour analysing the pros and cons of each path to getting your book to your readers.

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Mark Stay got a part-time Christmas job at Waterstone’s in the nineties (back when it still had an apostrophe) and, despite being working class and quite lippy, somehow ended up working in publishing for over 25 years. He would write in his spare time and sometimes those writings would get turned into books and films, including the Witches of Woodville series from Simon & Schuster, and the forthcoming Warner Bros. horror movie Unwelcome.
Mark is also co-presenter of the Bestseller Experiment podcast, which has inspired writers all over the world to finish and publish their books. Born in London, he lives near Reculver with Youtube gardener and writer Claire Burgess and a declining assortment of retired chickens

Raoul Morris, of Irish, French, American, Spanish and Scots origin, grew up on the mean streets of Dublin, (not very mean). He has lived in eight different cities on three different continents and currently lives in Canterbury UK. He has an abiding love of history and an ongoing affair with science and science fiction, but, more than anything, loves stories.

Raoul has worked as a screenwriter and filmmaker, in theatre as a lighting designer and in restaurants as a cook and dishwasher, (not at the same time).

G.C.Fisher is the pen name for Gina Fegan who was born and raised in Ireland. However curiosity, impatience and a need to earn a living has led to travelling the world and many careers. The full range of waitressing, teaching English, running festivals, working on a building site as an engineer, setting up government programmes and more, has provided plenty of opportunities to meet the characters who now inspire her novels. As a lover of all stories and supporter of new writers, she is also an award winning film and theatre producer.
Based in Kent, with adult children and younger grandchildren, she is now doing all the things she loves writing, painting, spending time in the garden, and occasionally making raspberry jam.