Mushroom Growing Kit

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This option is specifically designed to make the perfect gift. If you are looking for the gift that keeps on giving (over multiple harvests), offers valuable learning as well as a huge amount of joy and satisfaction, then you have found it. Within the kit is a spawn voucher. This system is unlike any other mushroom kit on the market and guarantees freshness, quality and high yield. When the recipient is ready, they simply email the code (found within the main kit box) to Urban Farm-It and they will send out the fresh living spawn free of charge.

Oyster mushrooms are edible fungi that are popular the world over for its versatility and productivity. They have large caps and a delicious meaty texture as well as medicinal properties. Not only does their flavour stand out, but they are also packed with nutrition and considered to improve metabolic and immune function, heart health and to be a great vitamin and mineral boost.

This mushroom growing kit has everything you need to grow mushrooms at home! It uses a specially selected substrate that favours this species of mushroom, as well as a very low generation and high-quality spawn. This ensures that you have only the freshest and best spawn for your grow, especially important if it is a gift or for your store! In-depth instructions and advice make your experience both straightforward and productive, allowing you to harvest up 3-5 flushes!